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An Agroforestry experience unlike

much of what you've seen before...

In the heart of the Atlantic Forest, where life pulses in harmony, a deep dive into the wisdom of the earth is about to happen.

With our feet firmly planted on the ground, our journey will answer the call of contemplation and attentive listening to what Nature has to teach us, from Earth to Spirit.

With curious eyes and an open heart, we will follow the paths that the forest will reveal to us, observing the secrets that are hidden within

the flora and fauna of this incredibly lush biome.





JAN 30, 31 / FEB 1, 2




of Immersion and direct contact with the Forest, knowing and learning at a Physical and Spiritual level about:


Space Recognition Native Medicinal Plants

Regenerative Planting

 Syntropic Herbalism

Distillation of Medicinal Herbs

Production of Phytocosmetics Living Pharmacy & MORE


Serra Grande is a magical and sacred place, known for

its natural beauty, ranging from the forest and its

compositions to the beaches that brighten your eyes

and warm your heart.

Located in the south of Bahia, on the Cocoa Coast, Serra Grande, known for its natural beauty and tranquility, is a district of the city of Uruçuca, a region surrounded by great biodiversity. This place preserves 20km of primitive beaches with clear and warm waters, and one of the most important national parks in the region, which is the Serra do Conduru National Park with an area of ​​approximately 8,500 hectares of Atlantic Forest reserve. The park is home to a wide variety of species, including many threatened with extinction, such as the jaguar and the black-faced lion tamarin.

The Village Community is very welcoming and hospitable and its cultural and spiritual roots tend to be very present in everyday life. The cocoa culture is still very strong and brings with it processes of great wisdom and ancestral clarity. Furthermore, the region has a very rich alternative scene, with local artists who arrive and express their art through music, dance, cuisine, therapies...

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In this experience, which will take place on the newest farm at Sítio Semente, you will understand from a deeper and spiritual perspective why practicing Syntropic Agriculture is, above all, about honoring the land. A patient and loving work that teaches us in so many aspects of our lives, as we contribute to the regeneration of the planet

There will be four days of transformative experiences, where we will study Regenerative Syntropic Planting, Herbalism, Distillation of Medicinal Herbs, production of Phytocosmetics and Live Pharmacy. Parallel to these events, we will also have a species recognition walk through the forest, night experience in the forest, herbal bath, singing ceremony, tours of local waterfalls, mangroves and a paradisiacal beach in Barra do Tijuípe.

This is a unique opportunity aimed at those seeking to understand the Syntropic Principles and their aspects, curious people or students in the area, interested in accessing the wisdom of plants in a subtle and profound way, with love and respect as the main tools for Healing and Regeneration of everything that exists.


Nathália Muguet

will guide this journey, accompanied by the forest's Ancient Masters

Nat is an Agroforestry producer, Ethnobotany, Herbalist, professor of Agroforestry Systems focused on the cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Latin America.

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try to drink from Wisdom
and the Abundance of the bahian Atlantic Forest.

What will we

  • Principles of Syntropic Agriculture

  • Natural succession and stratification of the tropical forest

  • Forest recognition and identification of native forest

  • Oracle of Medicinal Plants

  • In-depth sensory experience with medicinal plants

  • Planting

  • Regenerative Herbalism

  • Distillation of Hydrolates and Essential Oils from plants native to the territory

  • Biocosmetics Production

  • Living Pharmacy and First Aid

  • Herbal Bath and Cocoa Ceremony by the sea

  • Aquatic sensory experience in waterfalls in conservation units

  • Geotherapy (clay therapy)

  • Forest Sound Performance

  • Nocturnal experiment on the forest floor

  • Andean Karpai Ceremony - offering to Pachamama

  • Pachamanca Ceremony - food originating from the Earth's womb


Food and Accommodation**

With a completely curative, organic and local diet, inspired by Latin American cuisine and its ceremonial rites, we will serve lunch and snacks during the five days of the experience. Dinner is the responsibility of each participant.


Meals at Sítio are vegetarian, with vegan options. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know when registering.

Our package **does not include accommodation**, however, we contacted some partners to facilitate this service for our participants.

The Experience starts at 9am and ends around 5:30pm from the first to the fourth day. The fifth day is reserved for tours around Serra Grande, so that participants can learn a little more about the territory of Serra Grande and its community.

Parallel activities will be offered by local partners, such as: samba classes, surfing, capoeira, yoga, local medicine workshop. The costs of these activities are not included in the experience package; The values ​​can be consulted in advance throughout our experience.

How to get to
Serra Grande village

Serra Grande is a district of the city of Uruçuca, located on the south coast of Bahia.

For those coming for the first time, here are some suggestions:

1 - The closest airport to here is in Ilhéus, 45km from the village, whoever you are

get there, you can ask for a direct transfer here (the prices are generally

vary between 150 and 250 reais) or you can take a bus at the bus station that

If you are going towards Itacaré (Itabuna-Itacaré / Ilheus-Itacaré), pay around 20 reais for the ticket and ask to get off at Vila de Serra Grande (which is halfway, between Ilheus and Itacaré). This bus has a stop in the main square.

2 - If you are coming via Salvador airport, the shortest trip is via the ferryboat to the city of Bom Despacho (on the other side of the bay) and taking a direct transfer here (we do not know how to inform prices, it is at the discretion of each participant to do this research in advance)

or take a bus that leaves from Bom Despacho bus station towards Itacaré (Bom Despacho-Itacaré)

Arriving in Itacaré you need to take a second bus towards Ilheus or Itabuna and ask to get off at Serra Grande.

Some links that may help:


As soon as we close the class, we will set up a group on WhatsApp so that we can align ourselves regarding the transport that will take you from the meeting points to the place of the experience and answer any questions you may have.


Do your Enrollment!


Fill out the form below to continue:

Have you ever participated in any experience in contact with the forest?
Would you like to receive recommendations for hosting from our partners?

When you click on "complete registration" you will be redirected to the payment page, where you can make it via PIX, credit card or bank slip.

Investment value with discount for the first registrations of our Intimate List and until October 17th:


From October 18th:

Installments by credit card: US$1020


These prices include 4 days of Experience (from the 23rd to the 26th of February) with food - lunch and snacks - and transport that will pick up and take the participants to the meeting points. Does not include accommodation and/or transfers to the village of Serra Grande.

To participate in the experiences on the fifth day, you can consult the individual prices of each experience offered by local partners as soon as you arrive here.

Your registration will be validated as soon as payment is confirmed.


Cancellation by Sítio Semente:

Sítio Semente reserves the right to postpone the course start date or even cancel it in case of the instructor falling ill or insufficient registrations to conduct it, with up to 48 (forty-eight) hours in advance of the scheduled start date;

In the event of CANCELLATION initiated by Sítio Semente, 100% (one hundred percent) of the amount paid by the participant will be automatically refunded within 30 (thirty) consecutive days.

In the event of POSTPONEMENT initiated by Sítio Semente, a refund will be made upon explicit request by the participant via email to The refund will be processed through the same payment method used by the participant within 30 (thirty) consecutive days; in case the participant is not interested or unable to attend the new course date.

NOTE: Sítio Semente is not responsible for any other expenses that may have been incurred by the participant, regardless of the nature, such as: airfare or bus tickets; boarding fees, fuel, tolls, accommodations, etc., due to the cancellation or postponement of the course.

Cancellation by the participant:


In the event of withdrawal by the participant up to 15 (fifteen) days before the start of classes, 25% of the registration fee will be retained due to operational/administrative costs. In the event of withdrawal by the participant between 14 (fourteen) days before the start of classes and the course start date, the participant will be entitled to 50% of the registration fee paid.

Cancellation must be requested from Sítio Semente via email at:

The refund will be made through a bank deposit into the account provided by the participant; within 30 (thirty) consecutive days after the cancellation is formalized by the participant.


For those who do not notify us of the postponement or cancellation until the first day of the course, no financial reimbursement will be granted.

COMMITMENT AGREEMENT: Sítio Semente is not responsible for any accidents involving field equipment such as machetes, chainsaws, tractors, pruning shears, and knives in general. It is agreed that it is the full responsibility of the enrolled student to take the necessary precautions. The activities take place mostly outdoors, in the field; therefore, Sítio Semente is not responsible for any insect bites or other natural accidents (allergies, itching, among others).

For any clarifications, please contact us via email at:


The student or visitor of the courses and events offered voluntarily grants the right to use their image/photograph taken at Sítio Semente in promotional, advertising, and/or academic materials of Sítio Semente, without any present or future charges for the parties involved. These materials will be published indefinitely and in locations and vehicles at the discretion of Sítio Semente.

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